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Ask anybody who has used a Toolcat 5610, and they’ll tell you it’s the most capable machine they’ve ever operated. With the ability to operate 40+ attachments in the front and Category 1 implements in the back, it truly changes the way you work. And with standard all-wheel steering and traction control, it’s also incredibly maneuverable and responsive. Add the optional 3 pt. hitch, power take-off (PTO), and high and variable flow hydraulics, and you’ll experience truly unmatched versatility.

  • Four Wheel Independent Suspension: Work comfortably (even when you work hard) with four-wheel independent suspension. Composed of A-frames, suspension coils, shocks and suspension stops, each wheel travels up and down independently, meaning every wheel is isolated from the frame. Add in the long wheel base design, which creates maximum tire-to-ground contact, and you’ll begin to see how Toolcat™ utility work machines provide top-notch comfort.
  • Hydrostatic Four-Wheel Drive: You already know preparing for success means being ready for anything. That’s why the exclusive hydrostatic four-wheel drive system in Toolcat utility machines delivers as much traction and torque as possible. With it, you can power through snow or up an incline, while minimizing damage on turf.
  • All-Wheel Steer: It’s no secret that better maneuverability makes getting more things done easier. That’s why the Toolcat™ utility work machine, with all-wheel steer, is the picture of productivity. Easily move around tight spaces with minimal ground disturbance. Coupled with its hydraulic power steering, you’ll have nearly effortless control.
  • 40+ Attachments: Mow in the morning, remove downed trees in the afternoon and dig postholes in the evening. You can leverage your Toolcat™ utility work machine investment in different ways all year long by pairing it with 40+ attachments. Buy the attachments you’ll use frequently and rent the ones you need for one-time jobs.
  • Attachment Control Kit: Forget about buying special control boxes and other gadgets to operate your attachments. The small, 7-pin attachment harness activates power and fingertip-control functions while eliminating the need for mechanical relays. On-the-fly adjustments are easier, and it’s fully integrated with your Toolcat™ utility work machine for a clean look and protected routing.
  • Variable Flow Hydraulics: When auxiliary hydraulics are engaged, variable flow allows for precise control of hydraulic attachments such as Bobcat® grapples. It allows you to manage the auxiliary oil flow to open and close the grapple as slowly or quickly as you want.
  • High Flow Hydraulics: With optional high flow hydraulics, you can maintain torque and attachment speed under a heavy load. You’ll notice the difference on tough jobs requiring high power without sacrificing efficiency like stump grinding, snow blowing, and digging post holes.
  • Towing: More capacity than a utility vehicle. More maneuverability than a pickup truck. Toolcat™ utility work machines will redefine how you think about towing. A standard 2 in. receiver hitch and capacity of 4,000 lb. give you the ability to tow most trailers. A primary hydrostatic braking system and secondary multi-disc wet brakes let you tow with confidence.
  • Bob-Tach: The standard Bob-Tach® mounting system enables attachment changes in less than a minute. Use a bucket, auger, landscape rake, grapple and other attachments throughout your day. Developed more than 35 years ago, the Bob-Tach system is time-tested.
  • Power Bob-Tach: Swap non-hydraulic attachments without leaving your seat. Using the optional Power Bob-Tach™mounting system, a dash switch engages the wedges into the attachment. The system locks the levers and keeps the attachment secure. It’s also the fastest method to connect hydraulic attachments because all you have to do is hook up the hoses after you have secured the attachment.
  • Quick Couplers: Trapped line pressure can make attachment changes anything but easy. Toolcat™ utility work machines feature quick couplers to release trapped pressure. When you push the coupler inward, hydraulic oil is released through a return line back into the machine. The result is a clean, quick attachment change every time.
  • Traction Control System: Maintain performance in challenging conditions with the traction control system. It automatically redistributes torque to the wheels when you encounter wheel spin from low-traction conditions or uneven ground situations, which is better than locking and limited slip differential systems. You can turn off the system using a switch in the cab. It’s standard on the 5610 and available as an option on the 5600.
  • Horsepower Management: When you mow heavy brush, drive through sand, dig, till or work on a steep incline, horsepower management automatically increases and decreases pressure in the hydrostatic transmission to keep your machine at top performance. Easily turn it off for greater manual control.
  • Work Mode: Set the responsiveness of your travel pedal and get precise control of your machine’s torque and speed, without changing your tractive effort. Whether you need to load material, line up attachments, use a trencher or tiller, or grade or work around structures, creeping movements are easy.
  • Lift Arm Float: Uneven ground? No worries. Enable float while moving forward for smooth performance with a seeder, snow blower and mower. Float in reverse for finish grading with a bucket or when you want to avoid tire marks on a seedbed. Engage it by pushing the joystick all the way forward.
  • 3 pt. Hitch: Unlock even more capability in the Toolcat™ 5610 with the optional 3 pt. hitch. You can mow, till, blade, mulch, move snow and more. It’s compatible with all Category 1 implements and lifts up to 1,775 lb. You can even operate a 3 pt. implement at the same time you operate an attachment at the front of the machine.
  • Rear Remote Hydraulics: Whether you place snow, move dirt, or dump materials, you’ll gain greater control over your 3 pt. hitch implements with the optional rear remote hydraulics. With two additional hydraulic functions inside the cab, you’ll be able to make precise adjustments.
  • Power Take-Off (PTO): Till your garden and get ready for spring planting. Spray the weeds before they take over your acreage. Dig holes for fence posts or trees in all types of soil conditions. You can do it all with optional power take-off (PTO) on the Toolcat™ 5610. Coupled with the required 3 pt. hitch and high-flow hydraulics options, with PTO, you can operate numerous hydraulic 3 pt. implements.
  • Dual Direction Detent: Forget about holding down a switch while using bidirectional attachments like sweepers and tillers. Dual direction detent delivers continuous hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction.
  • Efficient Cooling System: With the SmartFAN, you’ll enjoy better cooling with reduced volume and noise. Unlike a belt driven fan that runs continuously while the engine is running, it responds to the engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures and only runs at full speed only when needed. Plus, a raised cooling package on the Toolcat™ 5610 means you can operate longer without stopping to clean out the radiator.
  • Long Wheelbase: When you travel over uneven ground, the longer wheelbase allows the independent suspension of each tire more time to adjust between each impact. This reduces operator discomfort from bumps and dips by more evenly distributing the weight of the machine, resulting in a smoother ride.
  • Machine Protection: When you’re not working, you’re not making money. That’s why Toolcat™ utility work machines keep you up and running with machine shutdown protection, battery rundown protection and a LCD display that shows machine service codes. And many of its components—such as the engine and cooling system—are the same as those found in our legendary loaders.
  • Interlock Control System: With the Toolcat™ Interlock Control System (TICS), the lift and tilt functions and drive system won’t operate unless you’re in the seat with the TICS bar down.
  • Keyless Start: Stop wasting valuable time trying to find your machine keys. You might even save on your insurance premiums because of your reduced risk for theft or unauthorized use.
  • Rigid Spine Frame: A rigid spine frame is the foundation of the Toolcat™ utility work machine’s tough engineered design. It enables you to maintain balance when lifting, digging, pushing heavy snow and traveling on uneven ground. Important components are also protected from dirt, debris and foreign objects, while routine maintenance items are still easily accessible.
  • Comfortable Cab: There’s a direct correlation between comfort and productivity. With this understanding, it’s easy to see why Toolcat™ utility work machines were designed with your comfort in mind. Standard comfort features include large door openings for easy entry, tilt steering, and an adjustable driver’s seat. Optional features include heat and air conditioning, radio system, driver’s suspension seat and floorboard riser kit.
  • Operator-Friendly Controls: You shouldn’t ever settle for a difficult-to-use machine. That’s the reason controls on Toolcat™ utility work machines are intelligently placed and ergonomically designed. From the responsive joystick controls for attachments to simple switches and levers for other features, every control is thoughtfully designed for easy operation.
  • Visibility: With top attachment visibility, you’ll see more of your work. Toolcat™ utility work machines give you precise command on every job thanks to all-around visibility. Plus, a sloped rear cover and huge rear window on the 5610 give you a clear view of rear-mounted implements and the work area behind you.
  • Work Lights: Stay productive at night or in low visibility conditions with four standard work lights. An optional road light kit offers even more lighting for night-time driving, with front road lights, rear work lights, a backup alarm, horn, turn signals, flashers, brake and tail lights, and mirrors. Optional rear work lights and optional strobe light/beacon are also available.
Engine Specifications
  • Emissions Tier (EPA): Tier 4
  • Engine Cooling: Liquid
  • Engine Fuel: Diesel
  • Horsepower: 61 hp (45.5 kW)
  • Turbocharged Engine: Optional
Performance Specifications
  • Rated Operating Capacity (SAE): 1,500 lb. (680 kg)
  • Operating Weight: 5835 lb. (2647 kg)
  • Travel Speed: 17 mph (27.36 km/h)
  • Travel Speed - Max: 17 mph (27.4 km/h)
  • Travel Speed - Low: 8 mph (12.9 km/h)
  • Travel Speed - Reverse: 8 mph (12.9 km/h)
  • Machine Rated Capacity: 2200 lb. (998 kg)
  • 3-Point Hitch: Category 1
  • Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point: 1775 lb. (805 kg)
  • Rear PTO System: Independent
  • Rear PTO - RPM: 540
  • PTO HP: 25 hp (18.6 kW)
  • Fuel Tank: 20 gal. (75.7 L)
  • Total Vehicle Rated Capacity: 4200 lb. (1905 kg)
Hydraulic System
  • Auxiliary Std Flow: 18.9 gal./min (71.5 l/min)
  • Auxiliary Pressure: 3,000 psi (206.84 bar)
  • Auxiliary High Flow: 27.9 gal./min (105.6 l/min)
  • Length: 180.8 in. (4592 mm)
  • Length without Attachment: 153.8 in. (3907 mm)
  • Width: 60 in. (1524 mm)
  • Width (with bucket): 62 in. (1575 mm)
  • Height: 81 in. (2057 mm)
  • Height with Operator Cab: 81 in. (2057 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 9.2 in. (235 mm)
  • Turning Radius (AWS Mode): 105 in. (2667 mm)
  • Outside Turning Diameter: 210 in. (5334 mm)
  • Heater Air Conditioning: Standard
  • Work Lights: Standard
  • Enclosed Operator Cab (ROPS/FOPS): Standard
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics: Standard
  • Bob-Tach Attachment System: Standard
  • Joystick Control: Standard
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Standard
  • Air Conditioning: Standard
  • Cab Enclosure: Standard
Certain specification(s) are based on engineering calculations and are not actual measurements. Specification(s) are provided for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Specification(s) for your individual equipment will vary based on normal variations in design, manufacturing, operating conditions, and other factors.



Engine Type
Tier 4, Diesel


Ground Clearance
9.2 in. (235 mm)
Dry Weight
Operating Weight: 5835 lb. (2647 kg)
Fuel Capacity
20 gal. (75.7 L)


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